SKU Summary

Product SKU ID: 89DPAU3JYMX2Q7K8

Product Family: Database Instance

SKU Attributes

Attribute Value
Servicecode AmazonDocDB
Location Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Location Type AWS Region
Instance Type db.r5.4xlarge
Current Generation Yes
Instance Family Memory optimized
Vcpu 16
Physical Processor Intel Xeon Platinum 8175
Clock Speed Up to 3.1 GHz
Memory 128 GiB
Network Performance Up to 10 Gigabit
Processor Architecture 64-bit
Engine Code 23
Database Engine Amazon DocumentDB
Usagetype APS2-InstanceUsage:db.r5.4xl
Operation CreateDBInstance:0023
Enhanced Networking Supported Yes
Instance Type Family R5
Normalization Size Factor 32
Servicename Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
Last modified August 7, 2021